St. George Orthodox Christian Church
Houston, Texas

A large collection of icons of various Saints and Feast Days hand painted by Constantine Youssis (the iconographer of St. George Houston who reposed in the 90’s) has been offered for purchase to our Church by a collector. 
Each icon is 13” x 10” and is $500.  If you would like to offer an icon in memory or honor of someone to the Church, please contact Fr. James for more information. Email Fr. James at

Volunteer with St. George Ministry Teams


There is an opportunity for each member to sign up to participate on one or more Ministry Teams.
There are 3 service categories: Spiritual Service, Humanitarian Service, and Fellowship.

Spiritual Service:     email:
⦁ Participate in the Users Team, requires helping usher or take the collection during Services – Louis Abercia –
⦁ Participate in the Welcome Team, requires welcoming new visitors into the church before Services – Tawfiq Jallouq –
⦁ Participate in the Church Retreats Team, requires helping with Preparations for Retreats at the Church and Helping after Akathist Service – Rosalie Abercia –
⦁ Participate in the Prayer Team requires praying for anyone who is sick or suffering – Loretta Prontka 

Humanitarian Service:    email:
⦁ Participate in the Visitation Team, visiting the sick or shut-in – Betty Attra
⦁ Participate in the Helping Hands Team, by preparing meals for those parishioners who cannot do so themselves, and/or join the car-pool team to help those who cannot drive anymore – Danielle Prontka
⦁ Participate in the Food Pantry Team, requires helping to stock the food pantry and put together food baskets for those in need across the church and Houston communities – Carolyn Attra-Nahas 
⦁ Participate in the DADS luncheon Team, occurs in December annual Christmas Luncheon for the Department of Aging and Disability Services. – Al Nahas
⦁ Participate in the In Need Team, who seeks out new endeavors for finding ways to help those in the Houston Area – Danielle Prontka
⦁ Participate in the Meals for Captives Team program, a non-profit that fights for human trafficking in the Houston area. Requires preparing/delivering meals to young girls who have been saved from Human Trafficking – Tanya Khalaf

Fellowship Service:   email:
⦁ Help with the St. George Picnic – Cindy Roland
⦁ Help with the Country Western Dance – Ali Abercia
⦁ Help with the Craft Bizarre – Elise Namee
⦁ Help with the Lazarus Saturday Family Brunch – Mary and Jason Gamel

Please email the appropriate SERVICE catagory email address for the team you would like to join.
In the subject line please enter the Team name you would like to contact. The team manager will contact you.
++Please remember to provide the team managers with your name, and phone number.

We hope everyone can find ONE or MORE ministry teams to join.  Some are a one-time team and some are continuous.
For more information check out the St. George Ministries Webpage. 
Please join – everyone is welcome and needed


2017 STEWARDSHIP DRIVE:  Please see the Church Office for more info.
CREDIT CARD PLEDGES AND DONATIONS:  As of January 2017, all parishioners that wish to pay via credit card must arrange their payments online at by clicking on the “Donate” button.  St. George is no longer managing/adding/removing credit card payments.  Please specify the purpose of your donation in the memo as you pay.  Please keep in mind that all pledge commitments are reported on a January – December basis.
ONYX CROSSES FOR SALE:  There are a limited supply of onyx crosses made from the old windows from the Church available for purchase for $500.  All proceeds to benefit The Saint Constantine School.  Please contact the Church Office.

CHRISTIAN MODESTY IN CHURCH ATTIREPlease be very mindful of modesty when dressing for holy services.  One’s attire should not distract from another’s prayer.  Appropriate apparel should not be tight-fitting or revealing.  Our attention should be focused towards the Lord. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
NURSERY & CRY ROOM AVAILABLE: While it is a joy for us to bring our little ones to the house of the Lord, we encourage parents to use the nursery in the hallway or the cry room in the narthex if babies/young children need it.
VISITATION COMMITTEE:  Do you know of a member of St. George who is home bound or living in a nursing home, unable to be with us at Church?  Please contact Betty Attra (713-782-1893) or the Church Office.
ST GEORGE'S WEBSITE NEWS: Please submit any photos of recent events to the St. George Photo Album. Email photos to If you have any questions please email Zakeen Yamani at

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS, HOLY OBLATIONS & MEMORIALS:  All are due to Church Office by end-of-day Tuesday
email: or call the church office 713-665-5252.

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