St. George Orthodox Christian Church is a community where the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - are worshiped and preached. We are the continuation of the Church founded by Jesus Christ.  We maintain the True Faith and Holy Tradition handed down from generation to generation from the time of the Apostles.

Parish History

In 1928 a small group of immigrants, mostly from the Middle East organized to raise money for an Orthodox Christian Church in Houston, Texas in order to keep the faith of their fathers. Fund raising for this great endeavor was taken on by the Ladies Altar Society thru their cooking and selling Middle-Eastern specialties. By 1936 the faithful of St. George were able to purchase a building on the corner of Chestnut and Harrison Streets in Houston's north side. The Church was dedicated on May 3, 1936.

St. George 1701 Chestnut Street

The seeds planted by this dedicated group of faithful blossomed to a point where an expansion program was started. In September 1954, property was purchased at our current location in the City of West University. First the hall was built with office and classroom facilities followed by the sanctuary in 1968.

Since this time St. George has continually grown physically and spiritually with an influx of immigration from the Holy Land & the Middle East and other predominantly Orthodox countries (Bulgaria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, etc.) as well as many homegrown converts to this ancient faith. In 1983 with the Church once again being full wall to wall, it was decided to begin mission churches in areas of Greater Houston, the first being St. Anthony in Spring. St. George still grew and in 1992 the mission of St. Joseph was established to serve the faithful on Houston's west side. Finally, in 2001 the mission of the Holy Forty Martyrs was founded to serve the faithful of the Sugar Land area.

Even with the missions program, St. George is still experiencing growth. For example, 75 parishioners left St. George to start the mission in Sugar Land, and in less than a year we have gained 100 parishioners at St. George. St. George is still committed to starting missions to help alleviate the constant growth of our church; however, we realize that we still must accommodate the faithful parishioners who are somewhat larger than what our present facilities can maintain.

In 2003, as part of our 75th Anniversary Celebration, His Grace, Bishop BASIL presided over the groundbreaking for the new Administrative & Educational Building.

  • November 2005, His Grace, Bishop BASIL presided over the blessing and dedication of our new wing.
  • 2006 the Parish Hall was completely updated and renovated.
  • November 2008, we will celebrated our 80th Anniversary with a visit from His Grace, Bishop BASIL.
  • November 2015 we celebrated the completion of the newly expanded church with a visit from His Grace, Bishop BASIL.

We owe our continued progress to our founders and to our current members for glorifying God and giving our posterity a solid foundation to build upon! Glory be to God!