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St. George Organizations

Ladies Altar Society (LAS)
The St. George Ladies Altar Society exercises general oversight of the Altar and supplies all of its needs. They promote religious, humanitarian, and social programs that affect the life and growth of our church and community.
Team Lead: Yvette Khalaf

St. Nicholas Men’s Society
St. George based men’s group that with its membership dues and donations, assists the Church and parishioners in times of need. Membership is open to all male parishioners. They provide charity for the needy in our Orthodox Christian community, organize and support St. George events and charitable causes, and strive to always be there with a helping hand.
Team Lead: John Eidman

The Order of St. Ignatius
The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch is an organization of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, with the objective of financially supporting the programs and charitable works of our Archdiocese, Patriarchate and the Orthodox Christian faith, bringing the Gospel to all in need.
Visit ww1.antiochian.org/order.
Team Lead: George Salfiti

Young Adult Ministries (YAM)
The Department of Young Adult Ministry oversees the ministries to our young adults ages 19-35 and helps provide a transition from Teen SOYO and/or OCF to young adulthood. This program continues to provide a spiritual and social network as young adults mature in society. They continue to show support, hospitality, love and care as young adults in the “real world”.
Team Lead: Joshua Namee

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